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Peinture Mandala unique Little Mermaid Davina Mandala Art DMA!
  • Little Mermaid - Peinture Mandala unique

    Unique, intuitive and original piece, produced by Davina Salomon.
    This mandala is made with love and patience. It will be signed on the back.
    It has been painted point by point and 4 to 5 coats are necessary to give this volume on the surface.
    To be used during meditation or simply to decorate the house.


    Mandala painted on round cotton canvas 20x20 cm (7.8 x 7.8 inches) and 2 cm deep.

    The main material used is an acrylic paint and a gloss varnish finish (two coats) which protects the paint from damage; however, be careful not to damage it.

    A hanging system will be attached to the back of the canvas.


    Shipments are offered worldwide, by tracked mail. The mandala will be sent in a protected and carefully packaged package.

    I am ready to answer all your questions and write a text that you will communicate to me if you give it as a gift.

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