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About DavinaMandalaArt was born in 2020. I am a self-taught artist who lives in Pian-Médoc, in the South West of France. I have a love of husband and a wonderful son.
I was raised in a modest family. My parents listened to a lot of music, and didn't really like painting.
On the other hand, my grandfather Louis introduced me to photography. I approached this art with great curiosity by photographing the very colorful stained glass windows in cemeteries in France.
A few years ago, the taste for the harmony of colors was accentuated thanks to the mandalas that I made with markers on CANSON paper only.
These are two recent consecutive professional burnouts that have led me to paint my mandalas and thus to transform my unhappiness into letting go and into inner peace. It also allowed me to refocus and calm my mind.
I now devote my free time to painting, listening to music, admiring our beautiful nature and loving my family, as well as our cats Jack and his brother Boogie. You can also admire, criticize or even acquire my paintings during certain exhibitions organized by the collective of Pianais Artists of which I am a member. Here are some links:
I guess most artists tend to touch more than one type of art in their lives and I'm happy to be part of this big family!
Thank you for your interest in my shop :)

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